Advocacy at work!

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The new Fairness for Children Raised by Relatives Society has its first win in its attempt to improve the supports for all of our children. This is a good example of our grassroots advocacy at work.

Families may be eligible for an increase to your monthly maintenance payment from the provincial government.

This applies to families who are raising children with disabilities under out of care options – such as 54.1, 54.01, 35(2)(d), 41(1)(b) – temporary or permanent court orders through Ministry Children and Family Development or Delegated Aboriginal Authority.

Your children must be eligible for the Canada Child Disability Tax Credit.

The Ministry announcement included:

Beginning in February 2022, the ministry will add a tax-free amount equivalent to the Child Disability Benefit (CBD) to the monthly maintenance payment paid to court-ordered out-of-care providers of eligible children and youth. This increased disability supplement will be applied retroactively to April 2019. MCFD expects retroactive amounts to be distributed to you over the coming months and the increased maintenance to be ongoing.
Of note, this federal program does not require income testing to receive this additional amount and the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) determines the expiry date, which typically ends when youth turn 18 years old. The ministry will adjust maintenance rates associated with the CDB in alignment with any changes the CRA makes to benefits.

Your next steps might include:

Determine if your child may be eligible for the Canada Child Disability Tax Credit – Call Parent Support Services’ Kinship Care Support Line 1-855-474-9777 (Toll Free)

  • Apply for the Child Disability Tax Credit here: Your medical professional will have to fill in part of this form.
  • Even if have applied before, you may want to try again. The criteria have been changed. Your child may be eligible now.
  • Call Parent Support Services’ Support Line for more information and assistance in this process 1-855-474-9777 (Toll-Free)

Fairness for Children Raised by Relatives wishes to acknowledge the hard work of its volunteer members in advocating for this change for our children. Thank you, if you were one of the members who wrote your MLA regarding this and other issues.

We also would like to thank the Honourable Mitzi Dean, Minister for Children and Family Development for their listening and responding to one of our concerns.

To see a copy of FCRR’s Submission to the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services on this issue, click here.

Yours sincerely,
On behalf of the Board of Directors,
Shari Monsma, President