2023 Gathering – Feedback

In June 2023, we hosted our second province-wide gathering in Kamloops BC. Here is some feedback from those who attended: “I am so grateful for the opportunity to come again and hope there is going to be another one. It … Read More

GRGs with a focus on the Grandparent – a podcast

Recently several members of our organization were guests on a radio show and podcast: “Re-Threading Madness” hosted by Bernadine Fox – award-winning Mental Health Advocate, Artist, Author, Radio Host, Public Speaker, & White Settler. Most often — and most importantly … Read More

B & Me … and the Wait Train

B was born to an addicted mom & an addicted absent father that never admitted responsibility. He came to live with me (his grandma) & papa at 3 days old.  Whoever thought we would be feeding and changing a newborn … Read More


“This documentary will make you laugh, make you cry, and we hope, make you think.” The documentary provides a glimpse into the realities faced by several grandparent-led families from across BC. These grandparents didn’t plan to be full-time caregivers at … Read More

Tell your story… where to start?

Hello kinship caregiver. Thank you for considering sharing your story with others. Perhaps you have already written your story, or blogged or vlogged. Please share with us. Consider using these questions below as ideas to trigger thoughts and memories as … Read More

Mary’s story

In 2019, one of our members was asked to make a short video to help a local non-profit organization fundraise for a support worker. Yes, a community fundraiser for a family support worker, only partially funded by United Way. This … Read More

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