Child in Home of Relative – receive up to $8,797.00 per Child Annually

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We are reaching out to all those who are raising a relative’s child or children and are currently enrolled in the grand-parented progam: “Child in Home of Relative” Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction monthly maintenance program.  We at Fairness For Chilldren Raised by Relatives have been advocating to ensure your families receive equitable funding as other MCFD-supported programs. 

Minister Dean of the Ministry of Child and Family Development announced via a video at our Fairness in-person June gathering that there is funding available up to $8,797.00 annually for each child. 

You must apply for this money so that your family can receive it

The Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction has sent out via regular mail all the details of this program during the summer.  However, not very many families on this program have applied.  We want to assure you that applying for this money from MCFD does not in any way affect your monthly maintenance, you will continue to apply and receive this monthly.  As well it will also not change your relationship with MCFD, contact will only be related to the annual cheque provided each year on your child or child(ren) birthdate.

All we at Fairness want is to provide you with the necessary information regarding this funding that you and your family so richly deserve and are entitled to.

Join us for a free information session – a virtual townhall:
Wednesday, November 29th 2023
10:00AM – 11:30AM
email for more information

My name is Shari Monsma and I just like you am a kinship caregiver and on the Child in Home of Relative program for 13 years.  Please contact me at so we can have a chat and alleviate any fears, knowledge is power.