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“This documentary will make you laugh, make you cry, and we hope, make you think.”

The documentary provides a glimpse into the realities faced by several grandparent-led families from across BC. These grandparents didn’t plan to be full-time caregivers at this later stage in their lives. Their stories are varied, but many of the threads are the same: loss, isolation, grief, hardship, love, and determination. The grandchildren are their priority and they need and deserve, love, stability, and all the support possible to ensure they can succeed in life.

What are your plans after your children have grown, left home, and had children of their own? Do you ever imagine yourself – raising your grandchildren – full time? Growing numbers of grandparents are raising their own grandchildren. Why? Sometimes a parent has died, sometimes it is because of mental illness, the stories are varied, but the reality is that these grandchildren have often faced trauma, and neglect. They are kids who desperately need loving care. These grandparents raising grandchildren (GRGs) didn’t plan to be full time caregivers at this stage in their lives. Unlike foster parents, GRGs receive little, to no, financial support. They try and navigate our labyrinth of complicated bureaucracies – legal, financial, and governmental.

They feel isolated. Their friends aren’t raising grandchildren. Seniors organizations tend not program for elders who are raising children full time. Seniors housing is adult only. Over the years, Parent Support Services Society of BC (est 1974) began to hear more and more from this growing population of grandparents who raise their grandchildren. These grandparents decided to make a movie about their stories. Help Parent Support Services of BC tell these unique and powerful stories of resilience. Parent Support Services runs Support Circles for grandparents and other caregivers across BC.

For more information, or if you have questions or concerns please contact our GRG Support Line 1-855-474-9777 (Toll-Free) or Donate to help us continue our work in support of Grandparents Raising Grandchildren.