MCFD Program comparisons

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It’s been a work in progress over the years, but just prior to the 2024 Gathering, we finalized a comparison table to clearly differentiate between kinship care programs as this information can be challenging to find and interpret on the MCFD website.

The information in these documents is based on the British Columbia Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) website and is current as of spring 2024 and was reviewed by MCFD staff. This document was created by volunteers at Fairness for Children Raised by Relatives.

We broke down the different programs, including their funding and medical benefits, in a straightforward manner – and consulted with our contacts at MCFD to ensure the accuracy of the information (which they verified in June 2024). Please email us!

Please note: there are some differences in semantics, such as using “54.01, 54.1 Support” instead of “54.01, 54.1 Program”. We will continue to update these documents as needed.

We hope you find these files helpful.