Minister of Finance’s Standing Budget 2024 submission

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Every year the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services invites British Columbians to share three of their ideas and priorities for the next provincial budget.
Fairness for Children Raised by Relatives submitted a formal submission as well as requested and was approved to appear in person to present on their 3 recommendations. These include the inequities in the three following Ministry of Children and Family Development programs supporting those children being raised by a relative or close friend in these programs: Child in Home of Relative, 54.01/54.1 and Youth Aging out of Care.

Please find the following: the audio version of the in-person presentation by our President in May 2023 in Vancouver as well as a written version of the same. Fairness uses these annual submissions in our annual MLA/MP advocacy campaigns.

Great news there has been movement in two out of our three requests. Those in the Child in Home of Relative program will receive an annual affordability payment prorated up to $8,797.36 for children and youth 14-17 years of age and $8,177.92 for youth aged 18. Also starting in August our children in care of relatives in most programs will see home and other supports continue past 19 to 27. We are really excited about these improvements but there is still much more work to do.

Our President, Shari Monsma’s presentation starts at 1:45 PM