The State of Kinship Care in BC

This report is an outcome of a research project funded by: The Victoria Foundation – Adoption and Permanency Fund of BC, and the Law Foundation of BC.

The opinions expressed in this document do not necessarily reflect the opinions or views of the Victoria Foundation or the Law Foundation of BC.

The research was conducted in partnership with the University of Northern BC, School of Social Work.

Principal Investigators: Susan Burke, Glen Schmidt
Writer / Project Manager: Jane Bouey
Legal Supervisor: Patricia Barkaskas
Other Steering Committee Members: Michelle Reid, Carol Madsen, Louise Costello
Data Analysis: Nicole White
Research Assistant: Data entry, survey follow-ups – Rabiah Murium
Research Assistant: Focus groups and transcription – Caitlin Alder

Thank you to Christina Campbell, Caity Goerke, and Ardith Walkem for sharing your

A special thank you to the kinship caregivers who generously shared your experiences and ideas with us.