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Examining Support Needs for Children, Youth and Caregivers in Kinship/Out-of-Care Arrangements

This is the first time Fairness has been involved in a research project. The purpose of this research project was to examine the necessary support(s) for kinship/out-of-care families. This has been a joint opportunity with MCFD and Fairness for Children Raised by Relatives partnering to sponsor UBC Master Students. This is the first time that MCFD has ever partnered with a non-profit organization.

Shari Monsma our president and Gail Moilliet, our two sponsors participating from Fairness, would like to share our appreciation and gratitude to the following:

UBC professors, Barbara Lee and Michelle O’Kane
MFCD Sponsors, Dan MacKenzie and Luke O’Brien
UBC Master students, Grace Pegg, Geraldo Palomina and Angel Thomas

See pages 4-14

“This research sheds light on the multifaceted challenges faced by kinship caregivers in BC and underscores the need to better understand their support needs. Kinship caregiving presents a myriad of demands, from managing the emotional and practical aspects of caregiving to navigating complex systems.

“Throughout this study, caregivers highlighted the importance of respite care, counseling services, and educational training to effectively support the children and youth in their care. Despite encountering various barriers, caregivers expressed a deep sense of fulfillment in their role, emphasizing their resilience and commitment to the well-being of their children. Disparities between kinship and foster caregivers in terms of financial resources were evident throughout the research. This indicates a need for tailored support services and comprehensive support planning specifically designed to meet the unique needs of kinship families.”

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